About Members


Members of NIRAB were invited, by Ministerial decision, for a period of three years which ran from January 2014 to December 2016. Members were unpaid.

Members were selected from a range of sectors of the nuclear industry in order to provide credible, authoritative and expert advice:


  • Public bodies who engage in research, including the UK’s national nuclear fission and fusion laboratories.

  • Universities with significant research centres and programmes, and who are able to represent a wider academic nuclear research interest.

  • Companies who conduct or fund significant innovation and research programmes and are representative of the key elements of the UK nuclear fuel cycle.

  • Representatives from other advisory bodies with significant interests.


Members were individuals with the credibility and position to best represent their fields. Members were chosen to provide a cross section of sectoral and subject expertise. Members were appointed as individuals and were expected to represent the interests of their sectors rather than just their employer.