Published Documents from NIRAB 2018


NIRAB Working Group Overview, October 2018


undefinedThis document provides an overview of the six NIRAB working groups currently operating. It gives an outline of the structure of the groups required to address NIRAB's initial six priority topics and brings together the terms of reference for the corresponding six working groups of NIRAB, along with their membership.

The six working groups are:

- Working group 1 - What does success look like?

- Working group 2 - Facility Needs

- Working group 3 - Nuclear Innovation Programme

- Working group 4 - International Strategy

- Working group 5 - Innovation to Enable Cost Reduction

- Working group 6 - Industry Pull 




Published Documents from NIRAB 2014-16


The UK Civil Nuclear R&D Landscape Survey, February 2017


undefinedThis document presents the results of a survey of the UK civil nuclear R&D landscape in the 2015/16 financial year. It is an update to the landscape review published by Government in 2013. It provides information on the Government policy landscape, funding sources, magnitude, location and focus of research and development being undertaken in the UK and the level of experience of the R&D community currently engaged in civil nuclear research. 

The survey results show that:

- Public sector funding for civil nuclear R&D in 2015/16 was lower than the level reported in 2013

- There has been a 19% increase in the number of researchers engaged in civil nuclear research in the UK compared to the 2013 review data

- The number of people working on research into advanced reactor systems and fuel fabrication remains very low.



Prioritisation of UK Nuclear Innovation and Research Programme Recommendations, November 2016


undefinedThis report outlines the principles agreed by NIRAB in order to prioritise its 2015 programme recommendations to match a range of possible Government funding scenarios. The resulting prioritised five year programme options have been recommended to Ministers for consideration as Government develops its new Nuclear Innovation Programme.










UK Nuclear Innovation and Research Programme Recommendations, March 2016


undefinedThis document sets out nuclear innovation and research recommendations that have been developed by the Nuclear Innovation and Research Advisory Board (NIRAB). The recommendations have been closely aligned to the needs of the UK nuclear industry, academia and national laboratories to promote economic growth, skills development and scientific excellence. The programme is also designed to harmonise with on-going programmes to deliver the UK decommissioning objectives.









 The Current Landscape for Publicly Funded Civil Nuclear R&D, August 2015


undefinedThis document presents a summary of the level of publicly funded nuclear fission research in 2014/15. It also presents a summary of the arrangements for the management of research within the NDA estate, which currently dominates the public nuclear R&D funding landscape.