Government Launches £20 million Nuclear Innovation Programme


NIRAB welcomes the announcement by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the commitment of £20 million for an initial phase of a new nuclear research and innovation programme. The programme covers five major themes, which address priority research areas recommended by NIRAB;


  • Advanced Fuels: Making more efficient and safer fuels for current and future reactors
  • Materials and Manufacture: Developing new and improved manufacturing, joining and modularisation techniques
  • Reactor Design: Developing digital tools and scientific understanding needed to design and build future generations of reactors in an accelerated and cost effective way, with emphasis on ever increasing safety
  • Advanced Recycling: Exploring nuclear technologies with enhanced safety and sustainability by virtue of fuel recycling and reduced wastes
  • Strategic Toolkit: Generating the analytical models and underpinning data to provide an evidence base to enable effective decisions in nuclear policy


NIRAB Chair Dame Sue Ion commented:





For further information please visit the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Website.




3 November 2016