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Our Work

Our work addresses specific issues and challenges facing Government and the UK nuclear sector, with the aim of fostering greater cooperation and coordination across the UK’s nuclear research and innovation capability.

Our work involves monitoring the delivery and impact of the DESNZ Nuclear Innovation Programme and making recommendations.

We advise on matters such as innovation and identify opportunities for collaboration.

We support the development of recommendations for new research and innovation programmes and oversee a regular review of the nuclear research and innovation landscape.

The following table provides examples of the areas in which expertise is sought, the list is not intended to be exhaustive and we invite expressions of interest from experts with specialisms in areas not listed but where they feel Government may benefit from provision within the remit of NIRAB outlined:

NIRAB advice to Government and examples of areas of expertise

The impact and delivery of Government’s nuclear net-zero innovation programme

  • Nuclear fuel design and manufacture
  • Manufacturing and materials
  • Reactor design and operation
  • Test reactor demonstration – design & deliver & programme delivery
  • Construction technology (including modular and other novel methods)
  • Waste management and decommissioning
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Nuclear regulation

Opportunities for greater collaboration with industry and international partners

  • The UK nuclear industry landscape
  • Cross-sector expertise
  • Commercialisation of R&D
  • The international nuclear arena
  • Communication & Engagement

The potential for innovation to reduce the cost of the nuclear life cycle

  • Economics of nuclear
  • Cross-sector experience of innovation

Implementation of research programmes to demonstrate new and novel nuclear systems

  • Expertise relevant to Advanced Nuclear